Mediterranean Common House

The IASEM is the promoter of the network MCH - Mediterranean Common House, a network of 21 members, including Foundations, Research Centres, Universities and Associations, based in 16 countries (Turkey, Italy, Spain, Greece, Romania, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, Northern Cyprus, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, China, Singapore, United Arab Emirates).

Each Partner has subscribed to the Manifesto of the Mediterranean Civilization, a manifesto in 10 articles, which contains the values that inspire the Network. The Manifesto is submitted to the signature of authorities and intellectuals from all over the Mediterranean.

The Network aims to promote concrete spaces of dialogue and reflection throughout the Mediterranean, with the aim of generating a common sensitivity, aimed at establishing a climate of mutual respect and knowledge, fruitful exchanges and mutual collaboration. The network wants to experience a process of "housing" of a common home and the creation of a space of confrontation at different levels, with the intent of moving ideas and exchanging intellectual and human experiences.

Deciding to live in "common houses" means making a cultural leap. It means deliberately choosing respect over opposition. It means choosing sharing instead of special interest. Cooperation instead of antagonism. Personal and social responsibility instead of surrender to plans that appear preordained.


The following partners have already officially joined the network:


  1. Turkey: Observatory for Mediterranean Studies, Yasar University – MoU signed by Prof. Dr. Murat Barkan (Rector of  Yasar University);
  2. Jordan: Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts – MoU signed by Khelid Khreis (Director General of JNG);
  3. Montenegro: Cultural Centre of Podgorica – MoU signed by Prof. Teresa Albano (President);
  4. Montenegro: Alfa Centar – MoU signed by Mr. Alexandar Dedovic (Executive Director);
  5. Singapore: ICPVTR – Institute for Political Violence and terrorism Research – MoU signed by Prof.  Dr. Rohan Gunaratna (Head ICPVTR);
  6. Tunisia: Green University Foundation – MoU signed by Dr. Khaled Chouket (President of FGU);
  7. Tunisia: RAA-INAT- Université de Cathage – MoU signed by Dr. Djemali M’naouer (Director of Laboratories RAA);
  8. Tunisia: ASTMer – Association Tunisienne des Sciensces de la Mer –  MoU signed by Dr. Jamila Ben Soussi (Tresoury of Laboratories RAA);
  9. Morocco: UIR – Université Internationale de Rabat – MoU signed by Prof.  Dr. Noureddine Mouaddib (President of UIR);
  10. Morocco: ISESCO – Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – MoU signed by Dr. Ahmed Said Ould Bah (Director External Relations and Cooperation of ISESCO);
  11. Morocco: Maison de l’Elu, Marrakech – MoU signed by Dr. Hassan Amillat (Secretary General of Maison de l’Elu);
  12. China – Shanghai: SIIS – Shanghai Institute for International Studies – MoU signed by Prof.  Chen Dongxiao (Director of SIIS);
  13. Greece: MOHA – Mohammed Ali Research Center – MoU signed by Ms.  Anna Missirian-Tzouma (President of MOHA);
  14. Nothern Cyprus: EMU – Eastern Mediterranean Univeristy – MoU signed by Prof. Needet Osam  (Rector  of  EMU);
  15. United Arab Emirates: ECSSR –The Emirates Centre dor Strategic Studies and Research– MoU signed by Dr. Jamal S. Al-Suwaidi (Director General of ECSSR);
  16. Italy: Associazione Nazionale Italia Kuwait – MoU signed by Dr. Pierandrea Vanni (President of ANIT);
  17. Romania: MEPEI – Middle East Political and Economic Institute – MoU signed by Mr. Flavius Caba-Maria (President of MEPEI);
  18. Croatia: Center for International Studies – MoU signed by Prof. Radovan Vukadinovic, PhD (President of CIS);
  19. Macedonia: C3I Cyber Security, Corporate Security and Crisis Management Initiative – MoU signed by Ms. Ljubica Pendaroska (President C3I);
  20. Serbia: IFI Initiative for Integrations/Inicijativa za Integracije – MoU signed by Mrs. Nadica Stosic (Director IFI);
  21. Spain: Kosmos-Polis (Society for Conteporary Studies Kosmos-Polis) – MoU signed by Ms. Alesia Slizhava (Director of SCS Kosmos-Polis);
  22. Austria: IIP International Institute for Peace – MoU signed by Stephanie Fenkart (Director of IIP);