IASEM – Institute of High Euro Mediterranean Studies is a Centre of Studies and International Advisory devoted especially to Euro-Mediterranean area.

IASEM is born in February 2011 thanks to Engineer Giuseppe Papaleo, expert in infrastructure, and Dr. Pierpaolo Grezzi, researcher of Arab-Islamic thought, with the aim to build an Institute for implementing initiatives in economic and cultural cooperation in the Mediterranean, promoting simultaneously processes of diplomacy from the bottom and, therefore, a greater political awareness of the issue of Mediterranean integration.

IASEM develops geopolitical events, economic interactions and cultural dynamics in order to realize concrete proposals and promote effective knowledge of the different Mediterranean realities. Not only theoretical but also practical knowledge, through cultural exchanges, seminars, integration projects.

The Institute makes available its know-how to public and private agencies for the implementation of programs that promote diplomatic, cultural and economic interactions among the Euro-Mediterranean Countries.

The Mediterranean is considered as a platform on which it is necessary to build a new Common House, based on respect, reciprocity, exchange of knowledge and experience, internal debate, construction of new economic networks.

The gradual opening of sharing spaces in the Mediterranean is part of the IASEM view and actions.